All this talk of Dravidian history, cultures and languages would be a bit puzzling in case one did not know where all of it unfolded. Here’s a map.

The different branches of the Dravidian language family have been colour coded as follows:

  1. Green: North Dravidian (Brahui, Kurukh, Malto)
  2. Yellow: Central Dravidian (Kolami, Parji, Gadaba)
  3. Orange: South Central Dravidian (Kui, Gondi, Telugu)
  4. Red: Southern Dravidian (Kannada, Tulu, Kodava, Malayalam, Tamil)

I am part of the orange blob along the eastern seaboard of the peninsula, my mother tongue being Telugu.

Image Attribution: The image above has been sourced from Wikimedia Commons and based on the book ‘The Dravidian Languages’ by Bhadriraju Krishnamurti, a specialist in the field.