Things got a little hectic and I couldn’t post for a couple of days. Even the pair of posts I am putting up are perfunctory in nature. But better to add something than to let the absence normalize itself. Three things crossed my mind – the birthday of Jaipal Singh Munda (who captained the Indian hockey team to its 1928 Olympic gold medal, and represented the Adivasi communities in the Constituent Assembly), the contribution of Fatima Sheikh (who along with Savitribai Phule, made education available to low caste communities and women) and the travelogue penned by Ibn Battutah (the only Berber man famous in South Asia for his skill with the pen instead of a football). His exotic name figures in a Hindi song. His adventures at the court of the erratic Muhammad bin Tughlaq, Delhi’s Sultan (r. 1324-1351), continue to be a subject of great interest. I picked up an old copy of the ‘The Travels of Ibn Battutah’ (edited by Tim Mackintosh-Smith) some time back. Had been busy reading a book on Karnataka’s history till now. Can devote some time to this English translation which has won fulsome praise from the likes of Guardian.