Just got to know that 100,000 technicians have fanned out across the length and breadth of India to provide identity cards to cattle! Yes, you read it right. Cattle! In a country where millions are going hungry for want of cash (more about that later), the Prime Minister has decided to furnish 88 million domestic cattle and water buffaloes with 12-digit Unique Identification Numbers. The Number will be tagged on to the cattle’s ear. The Govt. aims to boost farm incomes by using these tags to provide timely medical care to livestock. Like the idea to tackle black money through demonetization, this too will come to grief. I am curious about the tags, though. They are said to be yellow and made of polyurethane. Did a bureaucrat or party apparatchik pick up the idea from European zoos? There’s a zoo called Tiergarten Worms in Germany which keeps different breeds of cattle. Have a look at the tags dangling from the ears of the zebu (a type of cattle from South Asia) there. Intriguing!

Image Attribution: The image above is sourced from Wikimedia Commons and credited to 4028mdk09.