Welcomed the New Year with idli & sambar. I am not choosy about food. Idli-sambar, despite the aspersions cast on them by advertisements and films, do fine. Did not start out as a fan of either. It was either dosas accompanying chicken curry (every Sunday), or vadas with mutton (reserved for festive occasions). The humble idli had a limited repertoire. Namely, sambar and coconut chutney. The former, I would avoid as best as I could. The latter was only fractionally more agreeable.

But tastes change with the passage of time. With a stomach not as tolerant of spices as it was a decade ago, I switched to idlis. Coconut chutney is a regular. Sambar has risen considerably in my estimation. I would not pour sambar on my rice back then. Now, I look forward to having some with papads on the side. Maybe, it is about acquiring a taste for things. Maybe, it is about running out of options. As one grows up, one learns to appreciate the little things in life. In this case, fluffy, white, steamed cakes.