A portrait of Nasir-ud-dawlah Asaf Jah IV, the seventh Nizam, who is credited with constructing Residency House (now Rashtrapati Nilayam). What intrigues me is the fact that the building was finished in 1860. He passed away in 1857, at the (then) ripe old age of 63. This raises a few questions. Who oversaw the construction of Residency Building? Was it started in the final years of the seventh Nizam’s reign? Was it his successor, Afzal ad-Dawlah Asaf Jah V? When did the British Resident stationed in Hyderabad move in? Need to find out. A lovely painting nonetheless. The Nizam dressed in a yellow robe with intricate patterns, and decked up with pearls, emeralds and rubies. Opulence personified, on canvas.

Image Attribution: The image above is sourced from Wikimedia Commons and in the public domain.